spicy Hot & Spicy
Price May Change without Notice

Chef s Special

with Rice or Brown Rice
S1. Sesame Chicken 14.05
S2. Sesame Beef 15.30
S3. Sesame Shrimp 15.50
spicy S4. Orange Chicken 14.05
spicy S5. Orange Beef 15.30
spicy S6. Orange Shrimp 15.50
spicy S7. General Tso's Chicken 14.05
spicy S8. General Tso's Shrimp 15.50
S9. Triple Crown Beef 14.50
S10. Triple Crown Chicken
Sliced chicken w. snow peas, broccoli, string bean sauteed in light brown sauce
S11. Triple Crown Pork 13.25
S12. Happy Family
Beef, scallop, lobster meat, jumbo shrimp, chicken w. assorted veg.
spicy S13. Crispy Beef
Crispy beef with shredded celery in garlic sauce
spicy S14. Crispy Chicken
Crispy shredded chicken with shredded celery in garlic sauce
S15. House Special Steak
Chunks of steak with assorted vegetable in our chef's brown sauce
S16. Seafood Combo
Jumbo prawns, scallop, lobster, krabmeat sauteed with assorted vegetable
spicy S17. Mango Chicken
Sliced chicken sauteed with mango, green and red pepper in spicy mango sauce
spicy S18. Mango Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp sauteed with mango green and red pepper in spicy mango sauce
spicy S19. Mango Beef 15.00
spicy S20. Double Delight with Mango
Sliced chicken & pork sauteed with green and red pepper in spicy mango sauce
spicy S21. Mango Triple Delight
Chicken, beef, shrimp
spicy S22. Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Jumbo shrimp lightly fried sauteed with salt and pepper
spicy S23. Chicken Kew with Garlic Sauce
Cubes of chicken sauteed with fresh vegetable in garlic sauce
S24. Double Kew
Cubes of beef and chicken with fresh vegetable in garlic sauce
spicy S25. General Tso's Tofu
Crispy tofu sauteed in general Tso's sauce
spicy S26. Double Delight w. Garlic Sauce
Sliced chicken and pork sauteed with mixed veg. in garlic sauce
S27. Four Lover
Chicken, beef, shrimp and roast pork sauteed with fresh mixed vegetable
S28. Spinach with Chicken 14.00
S29. Spinach with Beef 15.00
S30. Spinach with Shrimp 15.50
S31. Pineapple Chicken 13.75
S32. Pineapple Beef 15.00
S33. Pineapple Shrimp 15.25
S33. Four Season
Beef, chicken, shrimp, roast pork, scallops, krabmeat and fresh vegetables sauteed in light brown sauce

Chef's Specialties

spicy Fish Fillet (Flounder) with
Garlic Sauce / Black Bean Sauce / Hunan Style / Kung Pao Sauce with Peanut / General Tao’s Sauce
House Special Eggplant Combination
Chicken, shrimp and roast Pork with eggplant sauteed in garlic sauce
Triple Delight
Chicken, Beef and Roast Pork with Mix Fresh Vegetable Sauteed In Brown Sauce
Tofu Special (Bean Curd) with:
Chicken or Roast Pork $12 / Beef or Shrimp $13